PMO 101 – Back to Basics

I am an avid Barefoot runner (come on we all need to keep in shape)… This means I run without all the support of expensive trainers that promote bad posture, style and habits.

I was watching this video on the “100 Up Technique“. It talks about getting back to basics of running, looking at the fundamental aspects of body motion. He talks about the leading group of runners in a Marathon are the ones that run more efficiently and as such perform much better. They are faster as a result of this.

I immediately started thinking about applying this to the world of PMO’s…

“How many PMO’s have i seen trying to run a marathon without getting basics right?”  The answer… “Too Many!”

There are many reasons PMO’s fail and this can be one of them. If we all just work on getting the basics right before moving on to more complex and difficult things and adding complex tools into the mix we would all be much more successful.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences either about Barefoot running or about PMO’s trying to get ahead of themselves and forgetting the basics and how they got back on track?

So Long for now 🙂